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by Time Kills Everything

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released January 1, 2005

Time Kills Everything is:
Topon - Instruments of Torture
Matt - Vokills
Mike - Triple-six Vomits
Travis - Vox

All music: Topon
Lyrics on tracks 1, 2, 3, 7 & 8: Mike
Lyrics on tracks 4 & 5: Travis
Lyrics on track 6: Mike & Travis

Music & Travis vocals recorded by Topon Das at The House Of Fuck
Matt & Mike vocals recorded by Matt Friesen at The Gas Chamber
Mixed by Matt Friesen at The Gas Chamber
Mastered by Craig Boychuk at CB Audio



all rights reserved


Time Kills Everything Winnipeg, Manitoba

Members of Fuck The Facts & Culted.

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Track Name: Fire Forge A Messiah I
Meaningless in heaven, indifferent in Hell
Lost faith the last siege of soul
Wake from a nightmare and realize
The waking world is much worse

Tomorrow, today's everything will disappear
Primordial fear
A funeral mushroom cloud blankets us all
A death shroud

The minds eye forever grey
Appalled by weakness
Applaud our Holy deficit
Track Name: Fire Forge A Messiah II
A lot hasn't happened
Yet nothing remains the same
Lidless, blameless
The unblinking mirror of self-reflection
Track Name: Fire Forge A Messiah III
The restorative spliff
Truly hearing for the first time
A "perfect" world suffers
The insect-child laughs goodbye
I see the sickness
You're all on fire
Fire, Forge a Messiah
A rival

Dope sick fear, sear, lust and listen
Go to sleep and thrust nothing
A grievance has risen
I step up and give thanks
Kneeling before no one
No one before me
The Godless north of belief
Track Name: Axes Of Evil
The Neo-Con agenda will leave this world in ruins
Consolidate financial empires (under the guise of the)
War on terrorism
Axes of Evil
Track Name: Shit Romance
I didn't ask for this
Paths crossed for what?
The years of bullshit kept coming back
The endless failures
You can't change

You will be written out of this history
With no trace left

The final chapter of a hack written shit romance
It's fucking over for real this time
Don't write, don't call
Track Name: God Forsaken
Worship the son, I'll worship sin
Strive for heaven and await your death
I'll strive for transcendence
I understand the inevitability of death
But do not fear death, because of it

God you've forsaken me
And given peace

You're shit
Unreliable lies
Your words are empty
Your life is shit and you deserve it
Track Name: Destruction Is Ritual
Destruction is ritual
You are dying in a living ritual
The soul dying from fear

Just die a little
Appease me
Track Name: The Seance Knows
High and alone
The silence is deafening
The red flows, the silence is listening

The seance knows
The hour is witching

The darkness raises a Hell thrust inwards
The mirror reflects the light of existence
The Gospel debates for you
Less talk, while sucking the cock that feeds you

The lesser man kneels to get fucked
I invert the cross and fuck grace
The Gospel of horns and of faith
Lies in wait